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Software Development

Manulife Global Resourcing centers develop and maintain application software which supports the operations of the insurance and wealth management businesses of Manulife companies operating in 22 countries and territories around the world.

Software applications may be originally purchased from third-parties or wholly developed in-house by Manulife Information Technology staff.

Our Services

Our focus is on providing software development and maintenance services to our fellow Manulife companies around the world. Our most prominent services are:

  • Systems Development
  • Software Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Systems Enhancement & Maintenance
  • Systems Migration
  • Systems Support (2nd level)

We develop high quality software following a methodology that incorporates multiple QA steps such as code inspection, unit testing, integration testing, stress testing, load testing and regression testing which are either manual or automated. We design our software using multi-tiered object oriented architectures such as MVC and Microsoft's n-tier software designs.


Our software development and QA teams support a rich variety of platforms such as but not limited to:

  • J2EE, J2SE, Java, JSP
  •,,, VB6
  • MS Sharepoint, WSS
  • MS SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Reports
  • Oracle 9i, 10g, PL/SQL
  • Lotus Domino, Lotus Script, client-based, web-based, web services
  • AS/400, CL/400, AS/SET, Lansa, Lansa for the Web, RPG/400
  • Apache, Tomcat, PHP
  • Manual and automated software QA

Our software developers work in multi-national teams with members distributed over multiple geographical locations and different time zones. We overcome the challenges of distance and time by using communication technologies like instant messaging, email, VOIP and video-conferencing to collaborate with colleagues in different countries.